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Aiken County Detention Center bookings

These are the bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for Dec. 9-13. Suspects are innocent until proved guilty:

Dec. 9

John Edwards Anderson, 59, sexual exploitation of a minor

Wendell Gail Baughman, 49, criminal domestic violence

James Ricky Dyches, 24, no vehicle license

Elbert Duke Harley, 42, driving under the influence, liquor violation

Herman Hill, 55, fraudulent check

Isiah Jerry, 23, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute, simple possession of marijuana

Tavares Ramond Lafleur, 22, speeding, seat-belt violation, driving under suspension, operating uninsured vehicle, impaired vehicle

Kevin Berry Moody, 19, possession of drug paraphernalia, disorderly conduct

Johnathan Everett Parrish, 22, disorderly conduct

Lawanda Michelle Sampson, 29, assault of a high and aggravated nature

Ricky Allen Sease, 38, forgery more than $1,000, less than $5,000

Alfred Clifton Williams, 23, possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute in proximity of school

Leon Tamario Spann, 22, seat-belt violation, simple possession of marijuana

William David Faul Beasley, 20, malicious damage, criminal domestic violence, driving under suspension

Michael Austin Day, 21, simple possession of marijuana

Deshawn Jermaine Jones, 19, seat-belt violation, driving under suspension, simple possession of marijuana

Dec. 10

Kimberly Jean Markwalter, 34, assault and battery, disorderly conduct

Jeremiah Zane Nelson, 29, speeding, open container, driving under suspension,

Jacquelyn Powell Prawdzik, 36, fraudulent check less than $1,000

Tyler Thomas Price, 20, driving under suspension, no driver's license

Mary Alice Aldrich, 18, shoplifting

Tiffany Chante Aldrich, 28, shoplifting

Matthew William Boyle, 27, driving under the influence

Diego Duran, 20, open container, disorderly conduct

La Andrea Yvonne Garvin, 31, shoplifting

Michael Owen Gilland Jr., 55, public drunk

Eddie Lee Griffin, 48, criminal domestic violence

Nicholas Jackson, 22, criminal domestic violence

Dec. 11

Israel Darnell Bryant, 24, malicious damage to real property less than $1,000, simple larceny

Sheryl Beck Curtis, 38, failure to appear in court, seat-belt violation

Danny Robert Fore, 47, speeding, open container, carrying a concealed weapon

Barry Lee Hall, 43, simple assault and battery, simple larceny

Heath Barney Haynes, 24, criminal domestic violence

Christopher Aaron Howell, 27, driving under suspension, no seat belt

David Mark Kearse Jr., 17, shoplifting

Stephanie Marinda Landy, 30, failure to appear and pay fine in family court

Billy Hampton Leach Jr., 20, assault and battery

Tacara Lylet Lee, 23, shoplifting

Donald Wayne Rish, 20, assault and battery common law

Darius Marguette Simmons, 18, shoplifting

Jacqueline Elizabeth Simmons, 28, leaving scene of property damage, driving under suspension

Stacey Leroy Stevens, 36, failure to appear and pay fine in family court

John Mitchell Syms, 38, driving under suspension, no South Carolina driver's license

Dec. 12

Christopher Edward Arthur, 26, burglary

Chester Sidney Brooks, 48, driving under suspension, failure to surrender driver's license

Bradley Thomas Bunn, 27, armed robbery

Kenneth Patrick Glenville, 68, driving with unlawful alcohol content, no South Carolina driver's license

Brenda Denise Martin, 28, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of crack cocaine

Christina Elizabeth Mavris, 19, simple larceny, simple assault and battery

Angel Marie Phelps, 19, criminal domestic violence

Ralph Roy Rogers, 44, open container, drug paraphernalia

Randall Joel Trimnall, 49, driving under suspension, operating uninsured vehicle

Joe Steven Brazzell, 53, forgery

Christy Renee Derrick, 29, shoplifting

Rudolph Turner El, 50, careless driving, operating uninsured vehicle

Nicky Lee Lord, 43, disorderly conduct

Joseph Maston, 40, failure to appear and pay fine in family court

Johnnie Adrian Peake, 36, criminal domestic violence

James Earl Smith Jr., 47, open container, driving under suspension

Dec. 13

Robert Allen Bechtelheimer, 29, lynching

Terry Lee Boggs, 40, contempt of court

William Jarrett Cartin, 18, disturbing school, simple assault and battery

William Darrell Cartin, 45, fraudulent check

John William Floyd, 35, assault and battery

Otto Lynn Pearson, 20, failure to comply with public safety officer

Lisa Ann Preston Green, 37, disorderly conduct, soliciting a ride

Llesmina Perez Rodriquez, 18, fraudulent application for driver's license

Derrick Tyrone Scott, 43, possession of drug paraphernalia

Laurie Smith, 41, speeding, driving under suspension, operating uninsured vehicle

Concetta Unikue Spann, 18, disorderly conduct

Nathaniel Levell Stukes, 23, criminal domestic violence

Johnny Joe Vance, 66, criminal domestic violence

William Monroe Davis, 37, driving under suspension, disregarding traffic control

Michael Marguis Harley, 20, disorderly conduct, simple assault, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute

Gregory Eugene Harris, 40, disorderly conduct

Gary Wayne Kitchens, 41, forgery

Patrick Joseph Pileggi, 38, shoplifting less than $1,000

David Christopher Smith, 24, criminal domestic violence

Phillip Darrell Smith, 49, operating uninsured vehicle, driving under the influence, improper tag, temporary tag

Brandon Lloyd Spann, 19, disorderly conduct

Marcus David Spann, 24, disorderly conduct


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