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Jack Roush had five cars in the Chase for the Championship, but he had to settle for second-, third-, fourth-, seventh- and 10th-place finishes.

Roush talked about the season and what's ahead for Ford and his race teams during a season-ending news conference at Homestead, Fla. Here are excerpts of that news conference:

Q: Is NASCAR getting closer to getting all three manufacturers - Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge - on the same page?

Roush: The answer that I'd give you to that question would roll through the quarters for a while. These cars are so close today by every metric that you can apply. They are closer than they have ever been and we're into a situation where the chemistry between a driver and a crew chief, and then chemistry between a crew chief and an engineer, the chemistry between multiple drivers within an organization, the chemistry between consenting drivers and consenting crew chiefs throughout the field is the biggest thing we've got to race with today.

NASCAR, by creating the common templates and by going for aero-matching, by doing all the things they've done with all the additional inspectors they've added, has created a level playing field beyond their vision and their expectation. The consequence of it is it's the strength of people that wind up making the difference in these race cars.

Q: What's more satisfying: Winning a championship or getting all five of your cars in the Chase for the Championship?

Roush: I feel more honored and certainly feel that the task was more complex to put the five cars in than to win a championship. We had been in championship form with Mark Martin a number of times and because the owner let him down or the engine let him down or some other external force came into play, we came up dry. So to be able to look at that and say with a driver of Mark's caliber that I wasn't able to help him close the deal or provide the support for him to close the deal certainly got my attention and made clear to me how extraordinarily difficult this NASCAR form of stock car racing at its highest level is.''
- Compiled by Don Coble


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