Originally created 12/22/05

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

WHY DON'T THEY design cars that as soon as you turn on the windshield wipers the lights come on? I've been blinking my lights. It's a safety factor. If people would just remember to do that. Car manufacturers would help a lot if they added that feature. It might cost a little more, but think of the safety factor.

ISN'T IT A CRYING SHAME that the school buses still have to travel up and down Columbia County dirt roads to pick up the children but the (school board) can spend how many thousands of dollars on furniture? I wonder how many people visit the office a day to see that furniture.

WHERE HAVE ALL our family values gone? Please, dear Duke, Scooter, Carl, Bill, Tom, George, Don and Dick. Can you tell me where they've gone?

THIS IS A BIG RAVE to Ms. Widener and the other teachers at Our Lady of Peace School in North Augusta. We just saw our children in their Annual Christmas Program. Boy they do a great job with those kids: all have reading and singing parts, and they work in singing, piano and violin solos, etc. These are kindergarten through second-graders folks! What a beautiful and touching way to celebrate the first Christmas. Merry Christmas!

TO THE PERSON from Aiken County who said they weren't stupid, did you really mean to send that rant in? Walker was sent to a federal prison, The bureau of prisons assigns their location, usually as close to home as possible. You shouldn't be so hard on Augusta, as they do receive a lot of indigent patients from across the bridge who never pay those medical bills!

PUT A BLONDE FRIGHT WIG on Louis Farrakhan, and what have you got? Ann Coulter. Same reptilian smirk. Hatred is hatred, whether it is directed at white folks, black folks, Jews or generic "liberals."

STANLEY "TOOKIE" WILLIAMS' poisonous legacy could never be counteracted by writing a few "children's books." He had to face the consequences of his evil actions. That he tried to avoid responsibility for his crimes makes him even less admirable. By the way, I am a shameless liberal.

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