Originally created 12/17/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RAVE FOR the voters of Augusta. They finally got out to vote and are getting their city back. They need to come out and vote again and get rid of that Marion Williams and that Betty Beard woman if they want to have something to work with.

THE RICHMOND COUNTY Board of Education transportation (department) has unsafe buses. They had them when I was there. I'm a retired school bus driver. I do know for a fact it's still going on. I have children and friends still driving the buses. They're still having the same problems. I feel sorry for Ms. Padgett and Mr. Echols. They do not know what they're talking about.

OUR GREATEST ENEMY is the one from within ... Liberals.

A RAVE TO ALL THE voters of Augusta, now just give the man a chance. Deke, you have our support. It is a new day in Augusta, a sunny day with no more doom and gloom. Columbia County, look out. Were back!

CALLING ALL candidates! The voting is now over. You can now pick up your signs on the side of the streets of Hephzibah.

THIS IS ABOUT THE CHURCHES not being open on Christmas Day. I am disappointed and very embarrassed they're not open. What a day to be open. It's not all about your family. It's about Jesus and his birthday. God will not bless those churches that do not open.

I'M CALLING ABOUT the construction work being done on the Gordon Highway bridge over the Savannah River. Is the same company doing these repairs that put in the roller coaster repairs on the eastbound way? I sure hope not. We bounce enough as it is.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE TO the comment about giving the money from the CSRA Classic charity for scholarships for Katrina kids. I have empathy for the Katrina evacuees, but I'm also a realist. I am a single mother who has a child in college. We have people here in the CSRA who need scholarships for their own children and a way to get them through school. I understand about the Katrina evacuees, but let's not forget our own. We do have people in our area who have needs also. Thank you and have a great holiday.

MARION WILLIAMS gives preachers a bad name.


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