Originally created 12/17/05

Seat belt law is needlessly intrusive

A South Carolina law went into effect recently that allows police to stop your vehicle solely because you don't have your seat belt fastened.

First off, wearing seat belts saves lives. Not lighting a match around gasoline saves lives, also.

While the officer is writing you a ticket for failure to fasten a seat belt and going large on your combo meal, a motorcyclist waves as he passes by with no helmet or seat belt. Children on a school bus point and snicker because they don't have to wear a seat belt.

I know, it's not practical for the motorcyclist to wear a seat belt. However, in a wreck, I am safer in my car with no seat belt on than a motorcyclist is with no helmet or seat belt. How can the motorcyclist make a choice to be maimed or killed and I cannot?

And school buses! The experts say, hey, school buses are so big and designed so safely that the kids don't need them. Then why do school bus drivers wear them? When I rented a moving truck, it was big and safe, but it was mandatory that seat belts be worn. And as far as safe goes, the last time I was in a school bus the seat in front of me was made of metal.

What is the real reason behind the seat belt laws? Is it that the insurance companies benefit from a lower mortality rate? Big government sticking their nose in our cars? People who know more than you and instill guilt on you to make themselves feel better? I don't know.

I just don't want a law passed that prevents me ordering a double cheeseburger, and a screen pop-up says, "Your cholesterol is over 200. A salad has been selected for you with light ranch dressing and no salt."

Steve Brock, Aiken, S.C.

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