Originally created 12/17/05

Democrats' party chair should resign

As I watched the Today show recently, I was impressed with Sens. Joe Biden (D-Del.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.). Both appeared fully aware of the problems in Iraq, and maintained a willingness of agreement.

Yet on the local news, the chairman of the Democratic Party in Augusta, Lowell Greenbaum, appeared in total support of an evil former state Sen. Charles Walker, supporting a convicted man who stole from the most needy people in the state of Georgia. Mr. Greenbaum had called for the resignation of Sue Burmeister when she was wrongly accused of making a racial slur by an Atlanta reporter.

The laws of this great nation were established, and we all live by the policy of "innocent until proven guilty." Mr. Greenbaum has delegated himself as judge, jury and warden, and imposed his sentence of the demise of Mrs. Burmeister's political future in his distorted and seriously impaired mind, set against this lady.

I and my entire family have been supporters of the Democratic Party since Prohibition. However, with leadership such as Dr. Greenbaum represents, I find he will say, do, and preach to any manner of distortion to stir up racial unrest. This man is dangerous to the local community, and I would support any and all efforts to seek his resignation from any political agenda.

Dale Sylvester, North Augusta, S.C.


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