Originally created 12/14/05

Ann Coulter is shameless hate-peddler

This is regarding your editorial Dec. 10 ("There can be no 'but' with free speech"). I am glad the University of Connecticut students shouted down Ann Coulter. Normally, I would not condone such behavior, but Ms. Coulter richly deserved it.

She is indeed Genghis Khan and Hitler rolled into a pretty body. She uses outlets such as The Augusta Chronicle, Fox News and certain radio stations to foul-mouth and trash people. I have not read an article written by her where she does not trash people. She would not have a good word about even Mother Teresa.

She has made comments like: we should go ahead and nuke North Korea and teach a lesson to the rest of the world; we should go into the Arab countries, kill the mullahs and convert the people to Christianity, etc. One would wonder such venomous, hateful speech could come out of such a pretty body.

It is intolerant people such as Ann Coulter that earn us enemies around the world.

Saroja Venkatraman, Martinez


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