Originally created 12/02/05

Cheney war statements hit the mark

The "corrupt and shameless revisionism" and "dishonest and reprehensible" statements made by Vice President Dick Cheney, against critics of the war in Iraq, are right on the mark.

Criticism of the administration's handling of the war against terrorism just encourages more attacks against our troops, prolongs the conflict and gives comfort to the enemy.

I am a veteran, having served in the U.S. Army in the Philippines during World War II. Never during that war - in which we sustained 407,316 deaths - were any vicious political attacks and back-stabblings made. There was never any wavering of will or doubt in the minds of presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, the military or the American people. The goal was always to achieve an unconditional surrender from our enemies.

What's happened during the last several decades indicates certain segments of our society have persistently moved or driven our nation toward a lack of courage in staying the course.

A good example is the Vietnam War, initiated by President Kennedy and expanded by President Johnson. After 58,205 brave American men and women gave their lives, a liberal segment of the general public decided we should cut and run like a bunch of scared rabbits. The same thing happened during President Clinton's administration in the Somalia conflict, in which we were humiliated when some of our slaughtered troops were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu.

I am a lifelong Democrat, but I stand four-square behind President George W. Bush's determination and courage to persevere in the war on terror with the ultimate goal of winning the peace in the Middle East. It's high time our elected representatives quit their petty bickering and begin supporting our commander in chief and our troops!

A.F. Kotras, Augusta


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