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Normans aid Devils' conquest

LINCOLNTON, Ga. - Washington-Wilkes football coach Russell Morgan knows a surefire way to win tonight's Class A title game.

He needs to keep that Norman kid for Lincoln County from making big plays.

But is it Darrell Norman, or Rontae Norman? Or maybe it's Ricardo Norman? Maybe he was talking about Jonathan Norman?

"I'd sure feel better about our shot if coach Campbell left those Normans out of his lineup," Morgan said. "I'd like to play Lincoln if all those Normans stayed at home."

DARRELL LEADS THE team with 733 yards rushing. Rontae has 434 yards rushing. Ricardo has 247 yards rushing.

The three have combined for 1,813 yards from scrimmage and 15 total touchdowns.

Jonathan is the lone senior among the four cousins, and he's an oddity - one of the few Normans to be a lineman.

"Just about all the Normans have been great skill players," Lincoln County coach Larry Campbell said. "Seems like just about all of them have carried or caught the football for us."

So what about Jonathan?

"That's because I weigh 315 pounds," he said. "I'd like to see how these other Norman boys run the football weighing 315 pounds."

Each describes the other's games in different ways. Rontae Norman has eight interceptions and is classified as the toughest. Darrell Norman is the fastest.

"He's the one with all the moves," Rontae Norman said. "I guess I would be the toughest one, but we all are pretty tough."

Ricardo, nicknamed "Butch," is a good mixture of those two and the self-professed thinker.

"I'm the smart one on the field," he said.

The other cousins say Jonathan is the "Big Norman." He has another idea.

"I'm the hard-hitter of all of us," he said. "I have to be. All the other Normans on this team are built for speed. I'm the one that's built for power."

JOHNSON COUNTY COACH Bill Bonds got a first-hand look at the Norman show Friday. They combined for 140 yards rushing and a pair of touchdowns in a 48-21 victory.

"I used to coach for Middle Georgia, and we'd go recruit around Lincoln and we'd hear all about the Normans," Bonds said. "You knew what you were getting when you went to see a Norman. ... It was like a brand name or something. You just knew that you were getting a good football player."

Rontae Norman says the name is a badge of honor playing for the Red Devils. But it's also marks high expectations.

"You can't slack if you're a Norman at Lincoln," he said. "It is something, like a reputation, that you have to live up to. You don't want to let all the Normans down who played here before we did."

Campbell said this group of Normans is high caliber, similar to several bunches of Normans that have started through the years.

"I know that I wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for all Normans we've had throughout the years," Campbell said.

And there are more Normans on the way.

"I'd say there will be about seven maybe 10 more Normans that will all be doing the same things for Lincoln County in the next five years," Rontae Norman said. "Playing Lincoln County football is what the boys in our family all do."

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Class A State championship

Washington-Wilkes Tigers vs.Lincoln County Red Devils

7:30 tonight at Buddy Bufford Field, Lincolnton, Ga.

The Matchup

Washington-Wilkes leads the annual series against Lincoln County, 31-30-6. It's the 22nd state final appearance for the Red Devils and the 11th for Washington-Wilkes. Lincoln County won 20-13 when the teams played during the regular season in Lincolnton.Category Wash.-Wilkes

Lincoln Co. Record 12-2 11-3

Record vs. playoff teams 7-2 9-1

2005 Opponents W-L 91-70-1 95-65-1

Points per game 25.2 25.9

Points allowed per game 10.3 12.5

Shutouts 4 2

Overall state titles 4 12

College prospects (senior) 3 0

Higher classification teams faced 5 3

Record since 2002 32-16-1 45-11

How to get there (from I-20 West):

1. Take Exit 172 (Thomson/Washington).

2. Turn RIGHT. Proceed for 13.9 miles.

3. Turn RIGHT onto Aonia Road (County Road 198). Go 4.1 miles.

4. Turn RIGHT onto US-378/LINCOLNTON RD/GA-47. Follow for 8.4 miles.

5. Turn RIGHT onto Elm Street (GA-43/GA-47). Follow for 0.4 miles.

6. Turn LEFT onto Lillian Sams Aveneue. Go for 0.3 miles. Turn RIGHT onto Ward Avenue. End at 345 Ward Avenue. Arriving at least an hour before game time is strongly advised if you would like a seat.


Date Opponent Score

Aug. 19 Greene County 13-38 (L)

Aug. 26 Burke County 7-15 (L)

Sept. 9 Greenbrier 16-36 (L)

Sept. 16 Commerce 28-5 (W)

Sept. 23 Athens Academy 10-7 (W)

Sept. 30 Aquinas 41-6 (W)

Oct. 7 Hancock Central 30-6 (W)

Oct. 14 Washington-Wilkes 20-13 (W)

Oct. 21 Warren County 30-0 (W)

Oct. 28 Georgia Military 42-7 (W)

Nov. 4 Jefferson 20-7 (W)

Nov. 11 Gordon Lee 35-14 (W)

Nov. 18 Twiggs County 22-0 (W)

Nov. 25 Johnson County 48-21 (W)


Date Opponent Score

Aug. 19 Lakeside 20-10 (W)

Aug. 26 Thomson 10-0 (W)

Sept. 2 Hart County 0-21 (L)

Sept. 9 Newton 42-15 (W)

Sept. 16 Putnam County 24-0 (W)

Sept. 30 Hancock Central 36-7 (W)

Oct. 7 Georgia Military 48-14 (W)

Oct. 14 Lincoln County 13-20 (L)

Oct. 21 Aquinas 44-13 (W)

Oct. 28 Warren County 39-20 (W)

Nov. 4 Athens Academy 7-0 (W)

Nov. 11 Temple 26-0 (W)

Nov. 18 Sav. Country Day 26-10 (W)

Nov. 26 Bowdon 18-14 (W)


PASSING LEADER: Brandon Barden, QB

Com. Att. Yards TDs Ints

43 113 827 9 7


Att. Yds. Avg. TDs

94 733 7.8 5

Shawntavious Jennings, RB

Att. Yds. Avg. TDs

90 676 7.5 11


Rec. Yds. Avg. TDs

11 271 24.6 2



Com. Att. Yards TDs Ints

42 94 678 8 10


Att. Yds. Avg. TDs

123 993 8.1 11

Quientelle Dunn, RB

Att. Yds. Avg. TDs

73 473 6.5 6


Rec. Yds. Avg. TDs

10 220 22.0 1


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