Originally created 12/02/05

Ideas and experience

In the election for Richmond County's Super District 9 school board seat Tuesday, you should vote for experience.

Or vote for fresh ideas.

Either one.

Either way, you can cast your vote for A.K. Hasan.

Hasan, you see, has both the experience you want and the fresh set of eyes you need to get things done in Richmond County public schools.

At 26, Hasan was the youngest ever elected to the school board, and was made president a year later. A real estate broker and entrepreneur, he helped save the county from having its cash-strapped schools taken over by the state. He was instrumental in the development of magnet schools, even helping select the first students to C.T. Walker Magnet School.

Today, after Hasan's stint on the school board (1982-86) and the old city council (1988-90), he's ready to return with a fresh set of eyes.

What he sees is underperforming schools that, perhaps, are in need of an expansion of the magnet school concept; a district that falls short in its promotion of what's going right in the schools; and a district management that takes a defensive posture with the news media and has a spotty record of constituent service.

Hasan is so unafraid of competition, he talks of eliminating attendance zones and bringing down walls between public and private schools. Even if you think that's too bold, consider the spirit of confidence and coalition-building beneath it.

At 50, Hasan is still young-thinking - but with even more life experience than during his wunderkind years. How great is that?

Despite having been out of politics for 15 years, Hasan garnered the most votes in the three-way election for the Super 9 seat Nov. 8, barely missing winning outright on the first ballot.

Now, with November's third-place finisher, Robert E. Anderson, endorsing him, we have another opportunity in Tuesday's runoff election to vote A.K. Hasan back onto the Richmond County Board of Education.

Let's do it. It will be good for the board, good for the district and, most importantly, good for our kids.


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