Originally created 12/01/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A BIG THUMBS UP for Beulah Grove Church. Our kids go there for tutoring. I really want to say thank you to the people who go and spend their time. It's free and on a volunteer basis. I really want to say thank you because we're not even members of the church. It's so nice that people dedicate their time to go and teach kids during their spare time.

I HAVE A QUESTION. When Boyles endorsed Copenhaver, it was not considered racist. If Helen Blocker-Adams had endorsed Willie Mays, she would have been considered racist. Because she endorsed Copenhaver, she was OK. She's done the right thing. We have double standards here.

WILLIE MAYS HAS BEEN in politics for over 10 years. What has Willie Mays done for the city of Augusta except go to Washington, D.C., and badmouth Augusta? He has not done anything so far. If elected mayor, he'll do even less.

I'D LIKE TO SAY THERE'S no doubt about it. We have the finest Congress and president money can buy.

THIS IS A TIME OR season for giving. But the worst giving is that Congress gives themselves a $30,000 raise. The commissioners went up on taxes on your house. People pushing people over trying to get a gift. And people don't care that it's called a holiday. They're taking Christmas out of it. God help us all.

I'M CALLING TO RANT about the train situation. We were heading to the airport Saturday night on Tobacco Road. We left in plenty of time to make our plane. We got stopped by a train that was moving and then stopped dead for 20 minutes at 6:10 at night. This is totally uncalled for. Just sat there dead for 20 minutes. Fortunately we weren't checking our bags and we got on the plane. Other people were also in the line of traffic and didn't make their plane. I'd appreciate if something could be done about the train situation. It's out of control.

THIS IS A RANT to the hit-and-run driver of the red car who ran over the white dog on Saturday, Nov. 26, on Wrightsboro Road between Monte Sano and Highland avenues. You fractured his leg and pelvis and he died of internal injuries that night. Shame on your soul for your cruelty and criminal behavior. And this is a rave for all of the drivers who waited so patiently while we rescued him from the middle of the street.

CHARLES WALKER, you're a classic example of you reap what you sow.


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