Originally created 12/01/05

Empty Stocking Fund Totals

Previously acknowledged: $5,005.36

Walter Utley $50.00

The Adams Family 50.00

In Memory of Robert L. Miles 100.00

Alexander Mura Jr. 30.00

Clarence Cohen 50.00

Mary Martha Circle of Aldersgate United

Methodist Church 25.00

Mr. & Mrs W.H. Clark 100.00

"Truffle" 75.00

Charles Hafey 25.00

In loving memory of Dell Maye and

Derryl Maye: By Frank and Jean Chou 100.00

In Loving Memory of: Mr. & Mrs. Charles

Hobson, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Hookness

and Mrs. Alberta Suchanek 50.00

P And P Garment Dyeing Specialties Inc. 150.00

Anonymous 100.00

Anne Gordon Harper Blanchard

Foundation Inc. 100.00

Ronald & Anna Osborne 50.00

In Loving Memory of J. Robert Scott


In Loving Memory of: Little Bit-Molly-

Jake-Brandy-Wendy and Misty-Merry

Christmas to all from Cocoa-Mama & Daddy Daddy 50.00

George Walton Lodge 100.00

Sara Corbin 20.00

Total today: $1,275.00

Total this year: $6,280.36


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