Originally created 12/01/05

Pray that nave peace lovers are saved

Christianity is built on the rock of pacifism - but it does not exclude common sense. Whatever got into the minds of the four Christian peace activists - an American, a Briton and two Canadians - who protested the war in Iraq and got captured by the Islamofascists?

The four Westerners are now being held hostage - stars on al-Jazeera TV, suspected of being spies. They face an uncertain future. Jihadists sometimes behead their Western captives and sometimes, after the propaganda value has dissipated, they're set free. There's simply no telling.

But how could the peace activists be so supremely naive? Did they somehow convince, or brainwash, themselves into believing the Islamic extremists they were proclaiming solidarity with were lovers of peace, forced into waging war against the "evil" U.S.-led occupiers?

The turn-the-other-cheek philosophy could not work because the peace activists could not tell the good guys from the bad guys. They had no understanding of what they were up against.

Amazingly, the peace group that supported their journey still doesn't. A spokesman for U.S. and Canadian-based Christian Peacemaker Teams blames the hostage-taking on the United States and Britain - not the hostage-takers. How is the cause of peace advanced when the bad guys aren't held to account for their bad behavior?

Peacemaker Teams also urged that no violence be used to free their colleagues - advice we hope is not taken if Army intelligence indicates that the captives' best chance for survival rests with a Special Forces rescue operation. The top priority now is not about nonviolence or turning the other cheek; it's about saving the captives' lives, whether they deserve it or not.


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