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NFL power rankings for Week 12

The Augusta Chronicle's Andrew Festa ranks the teams.

Current Rank - Team - Prv. Rank

1. Indianapolis Colts 1

Big Ben and Steelers come to town for Monday Night Football

2. Denver Broncos 2

Survived a big test in Dallas

3. San Diego Chargers 10

They can hang with the big boys - as long as Gates is healthy

4. Seattle Seahawks 6

Can Alexander leave tire marks on Giants' defense today?

5. Cincinnati Bengals 4

Can't drop them too far; they hung in there vs. Indy

6. New York Giants 12

Rebounded from embarrassing loss, dealt death blow to Eagles

7. Pittsburgh Steelers 3

Even with Maddox as QB they should have beaten the Ravens

8. Chicago Bears 11

Defense + cold climate = big time playoff threat

9. Jacksonville Jaguars 9

They specialize in ugly wins

10. Carolina Panthers 5

Steve Smith was the only one who showed up in Chicago

11. Atlanta Falcons 7

Lions make things look better

12. Dallas Cowboys 9

Four losses by total of 13 points

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13

Two hot teams collide today as the Bears come calling

14. New England Patriots 14

Treading playoff waters because of a bad division

15. Oakland Raiders 20

Moss has only 35 catches. Bad stuff happens when he's bored

16. Kansas City Chiefs 17

Larry Johnson had 211 rushing yards, but it was against Houston

17. Minnesota Vikings 21

Winning with Brad Johnson at helm. Too bad Tice is still coach.

18. Washington Redskins 15

Another tough loss, looks like they're falling back to Earth

19. Baltimore Ravens 24

Billick's team hasn't given up yet

20. St. Louis Rams 18

Lost Marc Bulger and to Cards

21. Philadelphia Eagles 16

It's T.O.-ver. They're Done-ovan. Reid it and weep. Sorry, I'll stop now

22. Arizona Cardinals 28

Warner showed his old team he's still got a little left

23. Buffalo Bills 19

202 yards of offense won't get it done, especially vs. Chargers

24. New Orleans Saints 30

Saints at Jets. What else is on TV tonight?

25. Cleveland Browns 29

Droughns is their back

26. San Francisco 49ers 27

At least Nolan's boys have heart

27. Miami Dolphins 22

Gag! Blanked by the Browns

28. Detroit Lions 23

Mariucci makes more QB changes than Spurrier

29. Tennessee Titans 31

Matt Leinart would be a good fit

30. Green Bay Packers 25

10 carries for 7 yards? Ga-d'oh!

31. New York Jets 26

Jets not Learning to Fly. They're Free Fallin'

32. Houston Texans 32

How long until Dom Capers' resume is on Monster.com?


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