Originally created 11/27/05

Sports rants

THIS IS A rant for all the Gator fans. Hey, Gator Nation, where will you be on Dec. 3? Probably watching Georgia in the SEC Championship game.

IF THE GEORGIA Bulldogs really wanted to show what a good team they think they are, they would've beaten Florida and Auburn. D.J. Shockley didn't lose either of those games for them. They proved absolutely nothing by whipping up on Kentucky. Just wait until they face LSU or some other really good team!

THIS IS TO the sports writers of The Augusta Chronicle. You guys need to change the name to The Carolina Chronicle, cause you had two area teams fighting to go to the Georgia Dome and your front page was about South Aiken. You had nothing in the paper about Lincoln County or Washington-Wilkes. I'm from Lincoln County and buy The Chronicle everyday and I was real disappointed in that. It's like when Augusta's teams are out of the playoffs, you guys forget about us up here in Lincolnton. You focus on S.C. teams. We are a part of the CSRA, too.

WHAT IS GOING on in the world of sports? T.O. and his attitude, millionaire NBA stars not wanting to adhere to a dress code (all pro sports should), Carolina Panthers cheerleaders having sex in bar restrooms, the press makes a big deal of Sheryl Swoopes being gay, Darryll Lewis thought he was on Cops, and locally, a drunken Gamecock behind the wheel. Don't these people realize how fortunate they are to be where they are in life?

DURING T.O.'S PUBLIC apology, he seemed apathetic and his agent was very defensive. It's too little too late and T.O. would have never apologized for all the stuff he's done if the Eagles hadn't suspended him. What team needs a player who thinks he's bigger than the entire sport? His agent wouldn't even answer some of the questions, blaming everything from what other players have done to ESPN. Face it, T.O. is a great receiver, but a bad seed.

AS FAR AS the '72 Dolphins go, no one will ever match that. If they do, it will be a fluke. They perfected football that year.

MY RANT IS for the Augusta Lynx. I don't think Coach Ferguson is doing a good job. We lost nine players because of immigration. The coach should make sure players are legal. Thank god for John Whitwell being in town.


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