Originally created 11/27/05

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS TO THE COUNTY commissioners. I want to thank those on the commission who are doing a good job. The next time one gets up and walks out or abstains from a meeting, we're going to vote you out. This is to serve notice to all of them down there, the mayor and everybody else serving on the board. We're the tax people. We pay the county commissioners to do a good job. Let them walk out, and it will be the last walk.

THIS ADMINISTRATION reminds me of the Warren G. Harding administration, which also was in bed with big oil, and President Harding's own intimates were also mediocre when they were not corrupt.

THIS IS FOR LOCAL DEMOCRATS. Whether Sue Burmeister said it or not, the sad fact is that buying the black vote is a long-established tradition in local politics. Democrats know this better than anybody. What's sadder is that current officeholders are keeping their lips sealed about this shameful practice because to blow the whistle would be political suicide.

THIS IS A RANT FOR THE RUDE, loud, obnoxious marshal working at Bush Field on Wednesday, Nov. 23, around 3 p.m. You should be ashamed of yourself for belittling that soldier in uniform for setting his bag down in baggage claim. You are a disgrace to Augusta and your country. Maybe you should get off your high horse and spend a little time in their shoes.

THOUSANDS OF TROOPS are spending their second Thanksgiving fighting the war, and over 2,100 have spent their last Thanksgiving ever. The commander in chief spent his at the family ranch.

THIS IS A RANT FOR The Chronicle's biased article on the closing of the old Boy Scout camp. You based your article on a very small group's opinion, which is not the opinion of most.

SCENES ON TV OF SHOPPERS being trampled at stores at 5 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving made me sick. If that is what Christmas is all about, may God help us.

THERE HAVE BEEN SOME rants and raves about the radio stations playing Christmas music too early. I'd like to rave about it. These days and times are often difficult for some, and possibly feeling the holiday spirit may prove to be hard to do. Christmas music is soothing to the soul and makes me feel joy and reminds me of the true meaning and the birth of the one who loves us all so much, Jesus.

WOW, WHAT A WAY to start Christmas, brawls in malls. Peace on Earth!

A BIG RANT to those people that are criticizing Helen Blocker-Adams for backing Deke Copenhaver in the mayor's race. Aren't they the ones who are always crying racism in our government? They are only criticizing her because she is black and Willie Mays is black, and for that reason they think she should back Mr. Mays.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR OUR North Augusta police department. They are awesome. They are going through neighborhoods and checking to make sure everyone is safe. We really appreciate them.

FOR THE PARENT WHO HAS a student at South Aiken High School who has a problem with the language up there: Students in my class up there are forced to do 25 push-ups or receive a write-up if they curse in my classroom.

A rant to the person who said the ACLU is trying to take God out of the country. They're not trying to take God out of the country. They're trying to keep religion out of government. Otherwise, we'll end up with a theocracy like over there in Iran. Please stop taking those idiot pills the so-called religious conservatives keep handing you.

ONCE AGAIN, late newspaper. Fault of production, not carrier. Chronicle, treat your subscribers better.


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