Originally created 11/27/05

Copenhaver has a plan

Having recently returned from the devastation of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I have witnessed firsthand the importance of a city with a strong mayor.

Gulfport, Miss., had recently elected a new mayor with a vision for turning the city around when Hurricane Katrina hit, causing great damage as we all know.

While Gulfport has restaurants and businesses already open, surrounding communities, such as Biloxi, still look as though Katrina hit last week. The people of this city credit the mayor for quick action and strong leadership.

This made me think of our own upcoming mayoral race. It hit home the importance for our city to have a very insightful, nonpartisan candidate who has a plan for the necessary changes to turn this city around.

We certainly are not in the same situation as the coast. However, we do have a crisis of our own. We are like those surrounding communities in Mississippi that have inadequate local leadership. We have a lack of fiscal responsibility and foresight for the future. We are not thriving as we should be.

We fortunately have a chance to change that. Now is the time to elect someone who has a plan for building a positive Augusta. There is only one choice for this type of leadership, and that is Deke Copenhaver.

Deke is a person who represents the positive that this city desperately needs. He has an actual plan for changes necessary to make Augusta the Garden City that it should and can be.

Please join me in voting for Deke Copenhaver next month for a much better and more positive Augusta.

Lee L. Prather, Augusta


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