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Property transfers

Here are the Richmond County property transfers for Nov. 9-15. The date indicates when the transfer was recorded in the clerk's office:

Nathan Sigler and Nathan R. Sigler to William D. Griffin and Ruby A. Griffin, Nov. 9, Section 3A, Lot 22, Block G, Wood Valley, $85,900

Vanessa W. Wagner to Jason L. Wagner, Nov. 9, Lot 12, Hillside Addition, $58,000

Federal National Mortgage Association to United States Housing and Urban Development, Nov. 9, Section I, Apt. 4, Building M, Phase II, Winston Arms Condo

Nien Tsze Laura Liu to Bernice Samuels Beckett, Nov. 9, Section II, Lot 18, Block D, Valley Park, $88,000

Lillian Oellerich to Phil Am Development Inc., Nov. 9, Plat Book B974 Page 565, Lot 29 and part of Lot 30, Plat Book 16U Page 188

Washington Mutual Bank to United States Housing and Urban Development, Nov. 9, 3873 Wendell St., Lot 4, Block C, Gate 5 Mobile Home

Midfirst Bank to United States Housing and Urban Development, Nov. 9, Section V, 3620 Lexington Drive, Lots 13 and 13A, Block K, Mount Vernon

Harry J. Morris, Kathryn L. Morris and Kathryn Langley Morris to Berckman Residential Properties LLC, Nov. 9, 0.68 of an acre, Plat Book B1 Page 1328, 362 Heath Drive, and 0.67 of an acre, Plat Book B1 Page 1329, 364 Heath Drive, $660,000

Bank of America NA to Federal National Mortgage Association, Nov. 9, Section II-A, Lot 8, Block C, Town and Country

David A. French to Rita A. Lynch and Sean Lynch, Nov. 9, Section 3B, 3135 Ramsgate Road, Lot 4, Block S, Brynwood, $125,000

Martha Sara Elkins to C.W. Edwards Jr., Nov. 9, Section Two, 11180 Northwood Road, Lot 9, Block 10, National Hills, $80,000

Kyendria Kellog and Kyendria Kellogg Banks to Audrey C. Rhee, Nov. 9, Lot 10, Bertram Village, $102,500

JPMorgan Chase Bank Trustee to Lynford H. Depass Sr., Nov. 9, Section IV, Lot 7, Block E, Pepperidge Pointe, $115,500

Darlene H. Edwards and Richard W. Edwards to Jeffrey S. Tharin and Tracy A. Massenburg, Nov. 9, Section III, Lot 7, Block D, Forest Estates, $82,300

Jonathan Ballard to Luke A. Higgins, Nov. 9, Lot 4, Block J, Phase 4, Quail Ridge, $106,000

Novastar Mortgage Inc. to Dan Goodwin, Nov. 9, 2545-2547 Dover St., Lot 12, Block F, Lumpkin Park, $22,000

Fitzgerald A. Hairston and Evelyn E. Harrison to Robert L. Wilkerson, Nov. 9, Lot 21, Dogwood Estates, $80,700

B.B. O'Neill, Brian B. O'Neill and Charles B. O'Neill to Seabron Colbert, Nov. 9, Lot 45, Block J, Plat Book 4B Page 221, 1617 Wrightsboro Road, $74,900

April A. Goodwin to Joe C. Pollard and Barbara J. Burden Pollard, Nov. 9, Lot 2, Block E, Ravenwood, $134,900

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas to Sam Crawford and Ayanna Crawford, Nov. 9, Lot 2, Block D, Oketo Woods, $65,000

Ron Meardy to Augusta Green Wood & Mulch Inc., Nov. 10, 4.72 acres, Plat Book 16B Page 56, $35,000

William A. Plankey Trust and William A. Plankey Living Trust dated Aug... to Esther V. Plankey Living Trust dated... and Esther V. Plankey Trustee, Nov. 10, Section II-A, Lots 9 and 10, Block E, Goshen Plantation

Darryl R. Waterbury to Dmarquis Burns and D. Marquis Burns, Nov. 10, 2234 Birnam Place, Lot 18, Block B, Birnam Woods, $71,500

CL Developers Inc. to Damon J. Stewart and Janice D. Stewart, Nov. 10, Lot 19, Block C, Phase 1, Elderberry, $177,500

Collier Construction Co. Inc. to Lois G. Robinson, Nov. 10, Lot 3, Block C, Elderberry, $178,900

Roy E. Stevens to Jasmin Williams, Nov. 10, Section III, 2931 Panhandle Circle, Lot 6, Block D, Oklahoma Hills, $74,800

Carl H. Hargrove III and Trey Hargrove III to Eric M. Frickey, Nov. 10, 1202 Highland Ave., Part of Lot 4, Block D, Oak Highlands, $205,000

Raymond Kelso Jr. to Tammy Barron, Nov. 10, 1036 Caddenwoods Drive, Lot 19, Block B, Caddenwoods, $100,000

Nordahl Homes West Inc. to Pamela A. Whaley, Nov. 10, Lot 22, Block A, Cameron, $129,900

Elizabeth P. Hughes and Elizabeth Powell Hughes to Leo H. Jamros and Judy K. Jamros, Nov. 10, Section 2, Lot 26, Block A, Sugar Mill Woods, $153,000

Ann Rouse to Tabernacle Baptist Church of Augusta, Nov. 10, Lot, on the north side of Gwinnett Street, 1213 Laney-Walker Blvd., $60,000

LRP Investment Group LLC to Richard Bradshaw and Brenda Bradshaw, Nov. 10, Plat Book B1022 Page 792, Lot 6, Walnut Park

Kuhlke Properties LLC to Valerie Sawin and Richard Sawin, Nov. 10, 0.39 of an acre, Lot 4, and 0.33 of an acre, Lot 5, Easement, $337,500

Mae Bell Property Investment & Rental to William O. Key Jr., Nov. 10, Section III, Lot 31, Block A, Glenn Hills, $55,000

Georgia Housing & Finance Authority to United States Housing and Urban Development, Nov. 10, 2818 Gordy Road, Lot 6, Block S, Thomas Woods

Eulala Weddle Eldridge, Eulala W. Stephens, Eulala Weddle and Eulala W. Weddle to Alex Eldridge, Nov. 10, Plat Book B1020 Page 607, 2112 Sanders Road, Belmont

John Clay Burkhalter to Richard Bostick, Nov. 10, Lot, on the northeast corner of Troup and Holt streets, 1424 Troupe St., $172,700

Hugh F. Johnson to Thomas C. Crain and Cydni D. Crain, Nov. 10, 1854 Central Ave., Lot 3, Block E, Central Avenue, $61,000

Brad W. Sasser to Shannon Nix, Nov. 10, Unit 1312 Parcel 3, Colony Place Condo, $57,900

Morgan Custom Homes Inc. to Nathan R. Sigler, Nov. 10, 1140 Waltons Trail, Lot 28, Block A, Phase III, Waltons Landing, $174,900

Joyce Battle, La Freida Butler, Carrie Deans, Korey R. Evans, Lafreida Evans, Kent Thomas Glover and Lula Mae Glover to Alicia Ann Glover, Nov. 10, Lot 12, Plat Book 20Z Page 625, and Plat Book R298 Page 642

Annett T. Lynch and Willie T. Lynch to Alfred Simmons Sr. and Christy Lynn Simmons, Nov. 10, Section II, 4124 Pinnacle Pines Court, Lot 55, Block B, Pinnacle Place, $85,000

Alicia Ann Glover to Johnny L. Wilkerson and Irene S. Wilkerson, Nov. 10, Lot 12, Plat Book 20Z Page 625, $17,000

Sherry Lively and Sherry G. Miller to Sherry Lively and Carl Lively, Nov. 10, 2104 Shirley Ave., Lot 3, Block C, Albion Acres

Alton F. Garrison and Harriett H. Garrison to Mulhas LLC, Nov. 11, Unit 11, Building C, Phase II, Medical Square Condo, $205,000

Sheryl M. Brantley, O. Carla Lafontaine and Ollie Carla Lafontaine to Thomas N. Thomas Jr. and Nanette E. Ward, Nov. 11, Section V, 311 Indian Trail Drive, Lot 10, Block Q, Montclair, $96,400

John C. Weaver Homebuilders Inc. to Paul Brown Jr., Nov. 11, Section 2, Lot 11, Oakridge Plantation, $149,900

Mary Cherian and Mary Shaw to Amanda J. Dixon, Nov. 11, Lot, on the north side of Wrightsboro Road, Plat Book R592 Page 1142, 2027 Wrightsboro Road, $64,500

Doris J. Dockery and William L. Dockery Jr. to Mchelle Mayfield and Robert Edward Mayfield, Nov. 11, Section IV, Part 2 3109 Claudia Drive, Lot 3, Block K, Glenn Hills, $48,900

Farrokh Mirbaha to Traci S. Cooper, Nov. 11, Section 14, 3341 Hamden St., Lot 6, Block D, Pepperidge, $94,000

Astaris LLC to Solutia Inc., Nov. 11, 65.2 acres, Tract A, Plat Book R583 Page 1850, and 17.36 acres, Tract, Plat Book B702 Page 622

Jane Layman to Wesley D. Old, Nov. 11, Lot 15, Block A, Phase I, Whitney Place, $79,000

Demetrick G. Jones to Barbara L. Carr, Nov. 11, Section III-A, Lot 3, Block N, Pepperidge, $89,900

C. Murray Williams to Joan Montgomery, Arthur Green and James W. Smallwood, Nov. 11, Section II, Lot 40, Block I, Apple Valley, $79,900

C. Murray Williams to Julia A. Boyd, Nov. 11, Lot 17, Block C, Gardenbrook, $89,900

Anthony D. Derrick and Barbara R. Derrick to April N. Stubbs and Patrick S. Stubbs, Nov. 11, Section VI, 3824 Beacon Drive, Lot 13, Block F, Covington, $92,900

Dorothy L. Mays to Peter B. Mancuso, Nov. 11, 3102 Arcadia Drive, Lot 6, Block A, Lincoln Terrace

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Napoleon N. Jordan, Nov. 11, Plat Book B1022 Page 1142, Lot 62, Block B, Cambridge

Jimmy Tsai Min Chow and Michelle Bi Chao Chow to Etchel Paragas and Etchel N. Paragas, Nov. 11, Tract A, on the south side of Wrightsboro Road, and 0.0426 of an acre, on the south side of Wrightsboro Road, Plat Book R65 Page 362, $213,000

Melissa C. Kelly and William Scott Kelly to Janice R. Grate, Nov. 11, Section Two, 4047 Harper Franklin Ave., Lot 1, Block C, Breckenridge, $174,900

William C. Albritton to Sheldon Hugh Ramnarine and Tricia N. Ramnarine, Nov. 11, 1 acre, Lot 3, and 1 acre, Lot 2, on the east side of Old Waynesboro Road, Plat Book B754 Page 2119, $37,000

Kenneth McCumbers to Mac Construction Inc., Nov. 11, Section IV, Lot 11, Block H, Cedar Ridge Farms, $16,000

V. Elaine N. Sturkey to Rosa L. Inman, Nov. 11, Unit 2C, Lot 2, Block F, Kingston, $162,000

Home Sites Ltd. to Keystone Homes Inc., Nov. 11, Lot 15, Block C, Granite Hill, $21,000

Allen T. Cross to Mark R. Bowker, Nov. 11, Lot 4, Block A, Peach Orchard Hills, $60,900

Larry W. Lord to Allen Griffin and Catherine Griffin, Nov. 11, Lot 1, Harwood, $65,000

Otis H. Hunter to Clifford Brown, Nov. 11, Section 2, Lot 4, Block N, Phase I, Quail Ridge, $115,000

Douglas M. Smiley Jr. and Patrice L. Smiley to Susan M. Reimer, Nov. 11, Section 2, Lot 23, Block E, Southgate Villa, $52,000

Odie G. Futral to Bryson S. Jones, Nov. 11, Lot, on the south side of Virginia Road, Plat Book 19B Page 429, $71,500

Patricia L. McCloud, Patricia L. McLoud and Coleen Zimmerman to James N. Dutton, Nov. 11, 1187 Piney Grove Road, Lot 7B, Block C, Piney Grove

Robert C. McDade to Michael G. Burchett, Nov. 11, 16 Lake Shore Loop, Parts of Lots 2 and 3, Block D, Lakeshore Loop, $105,000

Frances F. Anderson, Hubert E. Anderson and HEA & FFA Family Ltd. Partnership to Augusta Metro Fed Credit Union, Nov. 11, Plat Book B1022 Page 324, 5.61 acres, Exception

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Bettina R. Kelly, Nov. 11, Section 8, 3455 Linderwood Drive, Lot 66, Block L, Pepperidge

Wells Fargo Bank NA and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. to United States Veterans Affairs, Nov. 14, Section IV, Lot 2, Block H, Cedar Ridge Farms

Washington Mutual Bank FA to United States Veterans Affairs, Nov. 14, Section 16, Lot 26, Block A, Phase 2, Pepperidge

SunTrust Mortgage Inc. to United States Veterans Affairs, Nov. 14, Section Two, Lot 10, Block B, Pinehurst

Dorothy C. Perryman to Carpenters Quality Home Repair Inc., Nov. 14, 1125 Glenwood Drive, Lot 16, Block F, National Estates, $105,000

Ravi Purohit and Shekhar Purohit to Augusta Center LLC, Nov. 14, 1.65 acres, Parcel A, Plat Book B1 Page 1164

Nordahl Homes Inc. to Robert Harris, Nov. 14, Lot 4, Block J, Cambridge, $138,900

Ursula D. Gay Furse to Dan Griffin, Nov. 14, Section V-C, Lot 6, Block 4, Pepperidge, $134,000

Mary Davis Hall to Steven R. Stout and Kathy C. Stout, Nov. 14, Unit 902, River Place at Port Royal, $193,000

William Edward Ensley to John Thomason, Nov. 14, Section III-A, 2534 Cross Creek Road, Lot 3, Block H, Woodlake, $45,000

James H. Leigh III to Jennifer Drake and Thomas J. Drake III, Nov. 14, Section II, Lot 20, Block D, Waverly, $250,000

LHP LLC to Value Builders Inc., Nov. 14, Lots 18, 19, 28 and 29, Block B, Hamptons, $86,100

James A. Norman and Tara V. Norman to Coleta D. Lewis, Nov. 14, Lot 59, Block B, Asbury Hill, $115,000

James F. Sweatt Jr. and Phyllis M. Sweatt to Pedro Hernandez, Nov. 15, 2703 Oakbluff Court, Lot 30, Block A, Phase II, Woodbluff, $159,000

Pedro Hernandez to Pedro Hernandez and Adiene Lara Lopez, Nov. 15, 2703 Oakbluff Court, Lot 30, Block A, Phase II, Woodbluff

Gary L. Carter to Carrie Hughes, Nov. 15, Section I, Lot 32, Block E, Pepperidge Pointe, $135,000

Donald R. Suggs and Phyllis D. Suggs to Phyllis D. Suggs and Donald R. Suggs, Nov. 15, Easement, Lot 5, Block A, Woodbine West Additions

Amanda Brown to Briar R. Schnuckel, Nov. 15, Section IV, Lot 17, Block F, Bridgeport, $122,000

Richard Harris to Richard Harris and Sheila Y. Harris, Nov. 15, 2013 Bassford Drive, Lot 7, Block F, Walton Meadows

Ella Clarke Nuite and Ella Irene Nuite to Pui Y. Chan, Nov. 15, 1.88 acres, Tract 3, Plat Book B1 Page 1336, $180,000

Steve A. Melcher Builders Inc. to Mary Margaret Chantre, Nov. 15, Lot A47, Phase I, Heathers Glen, $164,900

Diane Stallings and James Stallings to Sun Il Scott, Nov. 15, Section 2A, Lot 14, Block H, Kingston, $145,000

Marian Ruth Jump to Todd Rheins and Anne G. Rheins, Nov. 15, Section One, Lots 1 and 25, Block J, Montclair, $150,000

Sharon A. Burgess and Sharon A. Quinn to Theodore L. Cummings, Nov. 15, 0.573 of an acre, Tract B, Plat Book R277 Page 39, 1323 Maddox Drive, $75,000

United States Housing and Urban Development to Promise Land Community Development, Nov. 15, 2130A Faircrest Ave., Lot 3, Faircrest

Grace L. Scharnitzky to Mary Anne T. Hagler, Nov. 15, Lot 14 and, Part of Lot 13, on the south side of McDowell Street, Plat Book 7C Page 184 and Plat Book 22A Page 215, $200,000

Andrea D. Harris and Louis L. Harris to Nello A. Thomas and Ivy D. Thomas, Nov. 15, Section II, Lot 14, Block J, Phase V, Saddlebrook, $95,500

Towneclub Partners LLC to Layton Fillion, Nov. 15, Unit 2641 G, Towne Club Condo, $110,000

Garren Construction Inc. to City of Augusta, Richmond County and Augusta-Richmond County, Nov. 15, Deed of Dedication, Utilities Only, Private Streets

Thompson Building Wrecking Co. Inc. to Parliament House Properties Inc., Nov. 15, Plat Book B963 Page 1109, 6.14 acres, Tract E, Plat Book R422 Page 789, 1228 Nowell Drive, Deed correcting d...

Weathers Bros. Transfer of Ga. Inc. to Yong K. Lee and Chong S. Lee, Nov. 15, Lot, on the northwest side of Deans Bridge Road/U.S. Highway 1, Plat Book R230 Page 198, $235,000

Ben W. Hunter and Lisa P. Hunter to Anthony T. Shih and Pamela R. Shih, Nov. 15, 1.07 acres, on the north side of West Road, Plat Book R344 Page 2354, $200,000

Screven Wood Co. Inc. to John Bell Profit Sharing Plan, Nov. 15, 74.53 acres, Plat Book B1 Page 190, $43,000

Keith L. Gardner and Tammy N. Gardner to Morris V. Hutchins and Henrietta Hutchins, Nov. 15, Lot F10, Phase IIA, Walton Hills, $161,300

Jewel P. Hughes to Aundrea B. Goodin and Sharon B. Melton, Nov. 15, Lot 54, on the west side of Lumpkin Park Drive, Plat Book 15Y Page 112, $40,000

Louise A. Harrell to James T. Garren Jr., Nov. 15, Lot 95, Lyndon Grove, $82,000

Ronald D. Whalen to Gretta P. Hollimon, Nov. 15, Executor's Deed, Lot 2, Block B, Phase I, Hunters Ridge, $235,900

David Gregory and Lonna Gregory to Jillian M. Price, Nov. 15, 2823 Oakland Ave., Lot 12, Pine Hill Estates, $75,000

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to United Guaranty Residential Insurance Co., Nov. 15, Section 2C, 2731 Cranbrook Drive, Lot 15, Block J, Phase I, Woodlake, $72,800

United Guaranty Residential Insurance Co. to Jeanne S. Jean Louis and Jeanne Jean Louis, Nov. 15, Section 2C, 2731 Cranbrook Drive, Lot 15, Block J, Phase I, Woodlake, $72,800


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