Originally created 11/26/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

WHY IS THAT ALL WE hear about the beautiful Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is an accident with one balloon? Thousands of people, including hundreds of children, took part in the preparations and cold day marching and performing. It was a wonderful event and captured for millions of viewers on television.

THIS IS A RAVE TO the nice and honest person that helped me, my husband and my 11-month-old son out on Sunday, Nov. 20. The three of us had gone to Christmas Made in the South at the civic center and parked in the back. Apparently we left one of our doors open, even though we locked the doors. When we returned we had a note left on our windshield letting us know and that they had shut our door for us and left everything just as it was, cell phone on the seat and my purse in the back floor board. So to whomever you are, thank you for the nice gesture, we really appreciate your kindness.

IN THURSDAY'S APPLAUSE, that article about indulgent stars was right. Some of them are idiots with their money. I know it's their money to do as they please and many of them support various charities, but $3,000 for a pair of scissors and almost 12 grand for a Christmas tree? I'm sure that there is even more good that money could've been used for.

WHY IS IT THAT WHENEVER the ACLU scores a "victory" for one, hundreds of thousands of others are stripped of their own civil liberties?

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