Originally created 11/26/05

State's grading method is a winner

I congratulate the Georgia General Assembly for passing a law to bring uniformity to all of the state's high school grading systems.

I'm convinced that the 4.0 grading scale is the best in the nation. It's a grading scale that's extremely fair and equitable to all high school students in spite of race or economic status.

As a high school student, I was graded on the 4.0 scale, and I found it to be an advantage because of the scale's number range. The number range is definitely a plus for students who seriously apply themselves in their academic studies.

Actually, the 4.0 grading scale is going to allow more students to become eligible for the HOPE scholarship instead of the estimation of less that has been predicted.

If parents and students critique and analyze this efficient and positive grading system, they would see the positivity, uniqueness and advantage that it's going to provide for students to excel in the academic arena.

It's extremely important for high school counselors to be diligent in assisting parents and students in helping them in understanding this favorable grading system.

If counselors put forth this effort, I'm convinced that parents will push their children to achieve on a high academic level, and students will be self-motivated to make above-average grades.

The 4.0 grading scale is definitely a winner for all of the public school systems in Georgia. And I think it was about time for Georgia lawmakers to take the positive and efficient step to move education to the next level. Why did it take these individuals so long to comprehend this intelligent high school grading concept?

These lawmakers must continue to make positive and efficient educational changes to make Georgia competitive with top-ranking states in our nation.

E. Maner, Augusta


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