Originally created 11/23/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

ASK A REPUBLICAN ABOUT the state of our country and all you get is mud slinging, name calling, and they blame it all on the Democrats. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

TO THE PERSON WHO SAID Robin Williams looks good in an orange jumpsuit: I hope Charles Walker looks just as good. How lucky he will be to be home for the holidays. Due process - that's a laugh. He was convicted five months ago. What's the problem, a shortage of jail cells?

SUE BURMEISTER SAYS she didn't make those statements that have been attributed to her. Maybe if she would tell the truth, she could also tell the truth about where she really lives, like in Birmingham, Ala., where her husband is.

MY YOUNG SON GOT LOST at the Wal-Mart in Evans for a very scary brief time a few days ago and I would like to "Rave" about the few individuals that went out of their way to help me and my family without even sticking around for a thank you. To the couple that noticed my distress and tried to help and to the lady that noticed my son looked out of place in the parking lot all by himself and returned him to the store, thank you.

I AM AN ACLU BASHER. I don't care how many wrongs they have made right. Even if they find a way to turn water into fuel, it would never justify taking God out of this country.

ON THE EDITORIAL PAGE it says Georgia and South Carolina students were lucky to be in right-to-work states. But check the rankings. Georgia is like 40th. Must not be too good.


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