Originally created 11/22/05

Socialist media imperils democracy

Many people don't realize that they and their democracy are in the grasp of the national socialist media, and there is no way out of that.

While the socialist media is in New York, it is pumped into all U.S. cities by the local media companies. To hope they quit their destructive behavior is to ask them to go out of business. Like the drug dealer on the corner, they know that if they stop selling misery, someone else will take up the business and make all the money.

Fox News, which started 10 years ago, one year after the liberal coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial - which denounced DNA evidence as worthless - has certainly had an effect on exposing the socialist media. However, it is still outnumbered - about 100 million viewers of other news shows, compared to Fox's 10 million viewers on a daily basis.

Every one of those latter viewers was needed by President George W. Bush to outvote socialist and Democrat war protester John Kerry, whom the fellow-socialist media was promoting as the superior military leader. Both the DNA and Kerry-as-military-leader suppositions fly in the face of the truth, and the media have apologized for neither one - meaning more is on the way.

After the fall of democracy to socialism, there will be debate about the role the media played in the downfall. Scholars and editors - the same ones remaining silent today - will rush to put forth their views on a topic that they dared not talk about while it was happening.

The national media will adequately confuse the issue so that the public will be none the wiser, which is what they are right now, as they become indoctrinated - I mean, educated - by the national "news."

Yeah, right.

Tom Hunter



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