Originally created 11/22/05

A stent, not a stunt

In the end, not even Democrats believed their own hysterical rhetoric.

When pushed to vote on bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq, only three Democrats did so Friday - while 403 other House members voted against the idea.

There you have it. Not even most Democrats want to cut and run.

The only responsible thing to do, in the face of that fact, is to quit the help-the-enemy whining and support our troops - and, yes, their mission - until they can come home.

The debate is over, folks.

No one in his or her right mind will keep our troops there one day longer than necessary. So, for any Democrat to belabor the point after this resounding defeat could only be aimed at scoring political points with the extreme anti-war left - which has largely taken over the Democratic Party.

In particular, Rep. John Murtha, D-Penn., should put a sock in it. His over-the-top - and wrong - pronouncement that "Our troops have become the enemy" has no place now, after his colleagues voted essentially to continue the U.S. presence in Iraq until the job is done.

It's interesting that some Democrats would label Friday's vote a "stunt," considering their shameless stunt in recently closing the Senate to force discussion on prewar intelligence.

This wasn't a stunt. It was a stent.

If we have agreed to keep our troops in Iraq until the mission is complete - and 403-3 is a pretty good agreement, especially with a sharply divided House - then it's time to stow the rhetoric and support the troops.


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