Originally created 11/11/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

A RANT TO FEDERAL JUDGES and federal court. Don't think a person has changed or hasn't got caught doing anything wrong while out on bond, that they are a new person. Remember why they are in federal court to begin with. These people are liars and cheats, and many know how to get over on the system. Don't be fooled. They were robbers, drug dealers and felons with guns before. What's a few months' difference given the sentence the law allows?

THIS IS A RAVE for our county that paved part of Augusta West Parkway but a rant also for Teresa Smith because they covered up all the mailbox and manhole covers with asphalt. Are we sure we need Teresa Smith as our county engineer?

WHEN GAS PRICES were over $3 a gallon, many letters and rants blamed President Bush. Now that gas is $2 or less, shouldn't President Bush also get the credit for the lower prices?

I WONDER WHY I HAVE to read a Georgia paper to find out what new stores are coming into my hometown in Aiken. Good reporting, Chronicle. Thank you.

WONDER IF YOU ALL WILL ever read the Rants & Raves you put in the newspaper. The ones in there today are some that have already been printed before. I'm a little curious. I also want to say again what a great column that is Mr. Kirby has. I enjoy it very much.


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