Originally created 11/11/05

Establishing a reality-free zone

If the Framers had been told that in 2005 the government would be taking arms from citizens, they probably would have wondered which government had invaded.

Guess what: It's a domestic enemy.

Under a law passed Tuesday, residents of San Francisco have until April to turn in their handguns.

Well, law-abiding citizens, anyway. Criminals and thugs get to keep theirs.

San Francisco also now is on record encouraging its schools to ban military recruiters - as if defending this country is something to be ashamed of.

The National Rifle Association will argue in court that cities in California do not have the authority under state law to regulate firearms. That may be true, but there's a more fundamental argument to be made: No government has the authority to prevent anyone from defending himself or herself.

Moreover, the wise men who poured this nation's foundation declared that certain rights come not from the government, but from God - and that among those rights are life and liberty.

Where is the liberty to protect one's life?

Police? They can't be your first line of defense; they're generally not called until something has already happened.

San Francisco joins Washington, D.C., and Chicago as cities with handgun bans. The experience in those other two cities is not predictive of success in San Francisco. It can only serve to disarm those who follow the law - and they aren't the problem in the first place.

In attempting to disarm its law-abiding populace, San Francisco is succeeding only in establishing a reality-free zone.


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