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T.O. saga the latest to hurt owners

An already strange year got even stranger. All thanks to an ill-wind blowing out of Philadelphia.

The Terrell Owens saga is over in Philly, thanks in large part to an ankle that allegedly was never sprained and a mouth that should've been.

Owens' lack of respect for anyone not named Terrell Owens has likely landed him a permanent vacation for the rest of the season. Instead of helping the Eagles, and fantasy owners for at least the next four weeks, he'll be helping himself to some rest and relaxation at his home in Atlanta.

It's only typical of the mouth that never rests. Instead of assuring himself of playing the rest of the year with an apology the Eagles deserved, Owens instead gave them one he thought was appropriate.

While it's not good for owners who had motor mouth on their team, it is funny that Owens got in hot water for something he didn't say, rather than for what he did say.

Owens' absence will have an adverse effect on every Eagles starter. From the target of his constant barbs, Donovan McNabb, to running back Brian Westbrook.

The Eagles should've expected something like this would happen, especially after Owens' actions earlier this year.

It only goes to show you that if you do business with a devil, expect to find a pitchfork in your back when it's all done.

While T.O.'s show has taken center stage in both the NFL and fantasy football realms, it's just one of a few bad omens to befall fantasy owners this year.

If you drafted any starter on the Green Bay Packers, my condolences.

Wide receiver Javon Walker and running back Ahman Green are out for the season. That has only meant a terrible season for Brett Favre (15 touchdowns, 14 interceptions).

The Packers are now on their fourth-string running back and fighting to avoid being the first team to pick in April's draft.

It's also been a bad year for Daunte Culpepper owners.

His knee injury will probably keep him sidelined through training camp next year, which will hurt his draft status for fantasy leagues in 2006. However, his injury was probably a blessing for owners who had to struggle to decide on whether to start him each week.

Jamal Lewis' post-prison era hasn't gone as well as fantasy owners had hoped either.

With only one touchdown and just 436 rushing yards thus far, owners must feel like they've been in prison this year. I guess his prison camp training didn't help.

Much like the players above, fantasy owners who drafted these stars in hopes of a title season can only wish that things will get better.


Larry Johnson, RB, Kansas City: He'll be getting all the carries now that Priest Holmes is out. Look for him to capitalize against one of the league's worst run defenses.


David Carr, QB, Houston: Things could get ugly against Indianapolis.


Greg Jones, RB, Jacksonville: Fred Taylor's banged up, which could mean big things for him.


Reggie Brown, WR, Philadelphia: Now that Owens is sidelined, the former Georgia star looks like he'll be the deep threat for the Eagles.

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