Originally created 11/10/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

THIS CONCERNS THE LETTER to the editor in Monday's paper titled "Babies Don't Exactly Choose Poverty." My observation is the babies don't make the decision. The mothers that have the babies are the ones that decide to get pregnant.

AFTER HEARING JUDGE Duncan Wheale's remarks to the parents of the students at Greenbrier, I think it is ironic that he questions the parenting skills of these parents when in fact wasn't his own son accused of making bombs in Tennessee? What does that say about his parenting skills and maybe we should look into why he is judging others. I think he should be a little humble in the way he approaches criticism on others. He might want to sweep up around his porch before he sweeps around others.

THE LAST TIME Jimmy Carter was in Central America, he gave away the Panama Canal. What will George Bush offer them on to support his trade agreement - another half-million American jobs?

THIS IS FOR THE PERSON that referenced the early voting and too much money was spent for it. Shut up.

DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING about the Gothic movement where kids dress in black clothes and black nail polish and black clothes? If you would let me know something about it. It's affecting one of my grandchildren.

THIS IS A RANT regarding the 12-year-old young lady assaulted at the fair. I find it rather appalling parents aren't parenting 12-year-olds, allowing them to be unsupervised at a function until midnight. Where were the parents?

RONNIE STRENGTH IS going to ask for way more than 4 percent. Who can blame him? He's going to need gas, tires and more patrol cars and guys not too disgusted with this group of commissioners to drive them.

I WENT TO THE HARLEM police department to get a gun lock because they were free. I asked the lady for four; she gave me two. ... She acted like she didn't want to give me the first two. I want everybody to read this about this lady. ...


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