Originally created 11/10/05

Modified intersection is hair-raising

The newly modified intersection of Owens Road with Washington Road is ludicrous. There are crossing lights that pedestrians can operate, but there are no sidewalks on either side of Owens Road, either side of the entrance into Mullins Center, or on either side of Washington Road in either direction.

I no longer drive or have a car. If I wish to visit the center, I have to walk along the edge of Owens Road to Washington Road, actuate the control button, cross Washington Road, walk up the hill along the new four-lane entrance to the center and across the parking lot to one of the stores.

I am an old man, but I'm in good health, and would enjoy such a walk in pleasant weather - but I shall have to depend on a friend or a visiting relative, and my visits will surely be infrequent.

The situation across Washington Road is not far different from that which exists between here and Publix, to which I must infrequently walk. It is hair-raising.

William P. Bebbington, Evans


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