Originally created 11/10/05

Bush unites nation - against him

After nearly five years in office, President Bush has achieved one of his first-term campaign promises: to unite the nation.

With his popularity numbers plummeting it is now obvious the country is united against his administration. The Masters of Disaster managed to rally us after 9-11 only to let us down with their ever-shrinking inner circle's ineptness in getting us into war in Iraq, and their inability to manage the aftermath of hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

Katrina, by the way, was the administration's first test of the recently founded U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Even though Katrina was a natural disaster and not a weapon of mass destruction, the results were similar. We had a major metro area, New Orleans, that had to be evacuated and then could not be immediately reoccupied. We all know how well that went. These were the same problems evident after 9-11 - mainly communications and command and control - that Homeland Security was supposed to fix.

With support of the war waning as the American military's death count passed 2,000, and no WMD were found - we have succeeded only in destabilizing an already fragile part of the world. Plus with the military not meeting its recruitment goals, can you say "draft"?

Then the administration tried to slide a U.S. Supreme Court justice past us, only to be shot down by their political base, which forced Harriet Miers to withdraw before she had a Senate hearing.

Finally, there was the indictment of (Vice President Dick Cheney's top aide) "Scooter" Libby. It makes one wonder how close to the tree that alleged bad apple fell. Trying to duck the heat, the administration quickly nominated conservative appeals court Judge Samuel Alito to rally the base back.

Karl Rove, please tell the emperor he isn't wearing any clothes.

Don Coulter, Augusta


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