Originally created 11/10/05

Terminating California

If California is still a bellwether state, then our country is headed for disaster.

By soundly defeating all the common-sense ballot initiatives that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger campaigned hard for, the far left thinks it has terminated the formerly popular GOP governor. In reality, the liberals probably terminated their state. Just hope they don't terminate the rest of us too.

Schwarzenegger is being criticized in some circles for his lack of leadership - which is nonsense. The ex-movie star did exactly what a good leader is supposed to do: campaign for what's necessary, not for what's popular, and have the courage, especially in a crisis as California is in, to urge the public to make sacrifices and hard choices.

What California suffers from isn't a lack of leadership - it's a lack of follow-ship, or enough sensible voters. Californians, starting with Hollywood, seem to think there's no cost to sliding into socialism - that money grows on their redwood trees. Or that the Golden State really is paved with gold.

The principal ballot propositions rejected by Tuesday's voters would have empowered the governor to unilaterally cut spending when revenues come up short of projections - in other words, the power not to spend money the state doesn't have; force unions to get members' permission before spending their dues on political campaigns; a redistricting plan that would truly and fairly reflect the state's demographics; and make it easier to get rid of bad teachers by extending their probationary period from two to five years.

The rejections don't hurt Schwarzenegger. He can retire in splendor anytime he wants. The people who have really been hurt are those middle-class Californians who will be financing a socialist state.


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