Originally created 10/11/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

INSTEAD OF PEOPLE suggesting a new name for Columbia County, everyone should be looking for good people to elect as commissioners. Get rid of the present ones, especially Ron Cross, and say no to consolidation.

A RANT ABOUT NORTH Augusta police on Knox Avenue: The reason they can't catch the truckers on Knox Avenue is they stay on the hill on Highway 1 between Taylor Toyota and Don's Truck.

TO THE PARENTS OF CROSS Creek: My son also goes to Cross Creek High School, thinking he had enough credits to graduate. Found out he's short one credit. Someone needs to go back and re-evaluate all the students' records. Something is kind of not making sense with their credit counting.

With President Bush's approval rating in the 30s and the Republicans shooting themselves in the foot, does this mean we Democrats were right all along?

I HAVE A RANT FOR the Columbia County Board of Education. There was a volleyball tournament today at Lakeside High School. There was no representation from the Board of Education or the high school. The morons at Columbia County forgot to cut the air conditioner on, so it was extremely hot. The tournament lasted six hours in sweltering heat. I hope the Board of Education is very cool at its next meeting.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR the person that put in about the two garbage cans. I think that's a great way to save. We only have one pickup a week. That'll save on gas, and it will save on trucks having to go all over the place. Give everybody two garbage cans and stop and pick up the two garbage cans.


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