Originally created 10/11/05

Abuse charges sometimes are phony

When I read the Oct. 3 article about the two women arrested for assaulting a relative over a child abuse accusation, I was horrified, but unfortunately not surprised.

Emotions can run high and hot when one is accused of mistreating one's child. While I am not familiar with this family's circumstances, I do know that all too often child abuse accusations are made in various "disputes" for the accuser to further his or her own cause.

While not encouraging violent behavior, those of us involved in family advocacy groups in order to help preserve families have often expressed curiosity that these sorts of assaults are not more common.

I hope justice is truly served in all aspects of this situation. I also hope that those who think a call to the Department of Family and Children Services will help to solve various interpersonal issues will think twice.

Dorothy Kernaghan-Baez, Augusta


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