Originally created 10/10/05

Five questions with Carly Kobasiar

Carly Kobasiar, the Community Events Specialist for Columbia County doesn't mind getting dressed up for work. At the seventh annual Columbia County Art and Renaissance Festival, which begins Friday, Ms. Kobasiar will don a replica of a 14th century noblewoman's dress.

1. What exactly are you wearing?

"A cotehardie. Nobody is going to know that. The dress of an English noblewoman of the mid-14th century will work."

2. Would you ever want to live back then?

"Not in a million years. I need my cell phone, DVD player, shower, XM radio."

3. Which would be worse about living in medieval times - living without running water or electricity?

"I'd have to say no running water. I don't even drink tap water, I drink bottled water. I would be in trouble."

4. What can people expect at this year's festival?

"All kinds of things. We've got live entertainment, crafts and games for the kids and demonstrations like sword fighting, blacksmiths, candle makers."

5. What makes this festival different from the area's other events?

"The Renaissance demonstrations are something unique. It's not just crafts and games like some of the other festivals."


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