Originally created 10/10/05

Put disaster fault where it belongs

In recent weeks our country has suffered tremendous loss of life from natural catastrophes, not a man-made one such as 9-11. These battles of man and nature are increasing with an intensity that is nothing less than horrific.

I have watched in horror the tremendous human suffering down along the Gulf Coast, with the added horror that politicians are putting the blame on a few rather than where it rightly belongs.

The fault of a storm lies with nature. It's as simple as that. Loss of life is a result of Satan, who decided to take advantage of the situation and not with God, who is still very much in control.

God allowed this disaster to happen to get the attention of the citizens of this country. Unfortunately the innocent are always the ones who seem to suffer the most. Why? I haven't a clue, except God's ways are not our ways. ...

Katrina was one of the most powerful storms ever to hit New Orleans, and it probably will not be the last. The levees should have been periodically checked and rechecked for any breaches. Also, it has come to the attention of everyone that a great many school buses should have been made available beforehand to transport citizens to safety. The mayor of that city is a disgrace for using filthy language with no regard for whoever was listening.

Louisiana's governor is also somewhat to blame, not President Bush.

It is not right to stir up bad feelings when so many are in need of care. This is not man against man but Satan against mankind. Spread the words of peace along with help from everyone to rebuild the cities and people's lives. ... We are all members of the human race, and should remember that God is still in charge.

Barbara A. Mohler

North Augusta


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