Originally created 09/30/05

Rants and Raves

Comments from readers:

A BIG RAVE AND A heartfelt thank you to the couple who took time to knock on our door and tell us about the large rattlesnake you saw across the road and curled up in shrubbery in our front yard. Thank you for your time and concern. You were right. It was 5 feet long and very thick.

I AM A 65-YEAR-OLD woman who lived the first half of my life up North in Iowa, Minnesota and Ohio. My family traveled regularly to many other Northern states .... I am writing my first message to the Rants & Raves column, after reading what the 77-year-old wrote about the "polite Southern way of showing respect for someone who is deceased and their family." ... This isn't just a "Southern Way." It is done everywhere I have been, for as long as I can remember. I wouldn't be surprised if it is done in other countries, too!

I'LL GIVE PERDUE AN "E" for effort. It was a good idea to shut the schools down to save fuel, but it was too short of a notice for working parents. I hope no one lost their job for calling in because they didn't have a sitter. And maybe we could get the governor to pick up the tab for the cost of day care for those two days?

I THINK CINDY SHEEHAN should grow up. She is getting just like the morons in Hollywood. She has no respect for her son at all. If she cared about him, she should respect what he believed in.

A RANT FOR COLUMBIA County Commissioner Ron Cross. He has obviously lost touch with reality and his constituents by suggesting the name "West Augusta" for a consolidated Columbia County. Why does he think everyone is moving to Columbia County? No one in Columbia County wants to be associated with Augusta.

NO PUN INTENDED. It appears that Bill Kirby did a bit of Tuesday Morning Quarterbacking regarding the school closings.

WELL, SOMEBODY ELSE was attacked viciously and guess by what dog - the pit bull. The breed needs to be outlawed. It would stop fights and attackings by the dogs.


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