Originally created 09/30/05

Evidence proves creationism

Regarding Victor Reilly's Sept. 12 letter, "Evolution simply is more plausible": He states that believing in an intelligent being - God - is a matter of faith. Obviously he doesn't realize that to believe in the Darwinian evolution theory takes faith also.

The opening statements are written as if it were factual information. Was he there in the beginning, or does he know of a monument dated with the beginning of time inscribed on it? God was there, and evolution was not His means of creation.

We all have the same evidence to interpret. It's the way you interpret this evidence that establishes your beliefs. Fallible man's way to interpret this evidence is full of assertions and assumptions. The Bible is not a science book, but if you use it as a guide to interpret the evidence, the creation model comes to light.

And why is it that there are those who equate mutations with an increase of genetic information, which is required for evolution? Mutations are a net loss of the information contained in the DNA, which cause a change in a species from one generation to the next, but in a negative way - which is downgrading, if you will, not an improvement.

As far as diseases and plagues go, they were brought on by man in his bid to become like God Himself. Man brought these anomalies on himself. ...

Joe Rich, Evans

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