Originally created 09/30/05

Coaches Confidential

Question 1: Which area county pays its coaches the best?

County Pct. of vote

McDuffie 17.6

Burke County 14.7

Lincoln County 14.7

Washington County 14.7

I don't know 11.8

Anywhere but Aiken 8.8

Did not respond 8.8

Any Georgia school 2.9

Columbia 2.9

Edgefield 2.9

One coach's opinion: "No such thing. We're all way underpaid."

Question 2: Which area county pays its coaches the worst?

County Pct. of vote

Richmond County 38.2

Aiken County 20.6

Did not respond 20.6

Columbia County 8.8

I don't know 8.8

Warren County 2.9

One coach's opinion: "Are you kidding? They all pay bad."

Question 3: Which area school has the best community support?

School Pct. of vote

Lincoln County 23.5

Thomson 23.5

Laney 8.8

Did not respond 5.8

Greenbrier 5.8

Washington County 5.8

Aiken 2.9

Augusta Christian 2.9

Brentwood School 2.9

Burke County 2.9

North Augusta 2.9

Silver Bluff 2.9

South Aiken 2.9

Strom Thurmond 2.9

Thomas Jefferson Academy 2.9

One coach's opinion: "It's so close I almost want to split my vote between Lincoln and Thomson."


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