Originally created 09/29/05

Respect life by rejecting abortion

When it comes down to the reality of respect for life and living beings, it is not the Americans who are pro-life. Americans can rely upon the settled law of abortion, and maybe death-with-dignity legislation - a.k.a. mercy killing - in the near future, and then the slippery slope will extend to cloning, stem-cell research, experimental eugenics and who-knows-what.

I speak from the heart, as a Catholic priest in downtown Augusta, to say "Enough." I am tired of the rhetoric of Planned Parenthood to say that they are in the business of helping young women and girls decide on how to prevent a pregnancy with birth control. The major income there at their office is from abortions performed there (30,000 to date).

I speak out in this letter so Augustans can see that life does truly begin with God at the creative moment when a child is conceived and the gift of life ends when God calls a person home through natural death.

I speak on this issue because the gift of life must be preserved and protected in the womb, and all the way through all life stages until the moment of death.

One life does make a difference, and I speak up and for the many who have no voice and who may not be able to express the value of life being a real blessing from God.

So please, please, see the hand of God in the creation of all human beings in all nations, and give God the honor and praise that we as his sons and daughters can cherish this gift of human life with deep reverence and respect during all life's stages.

The Rev. Michael Lubinsky, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is a parochial vicar at the Church of the Most Holy Trinity in Augusta.)


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