Originally created 09/29/05

Let kids decide about evolution

The subject of evolution and intelligent design (or creationism), and its place in our schools, continues to be debated. Here are my thoughts:

The science community, in all its collective years of research and investigating, only understands a fraction of our planet and its inhabitants, and far less about the universe we live in. With so much beyond our realm of understanding, some profess that all this enormous complexity "just happened" without an intelligent entity involved. I guess if God can't be explained, it's more comfortable to believe He doesn't exist.

Regarding the issue of the evil that persists in our world, causing suffering and devastation, it has persuaded some to think a fair and just God could never allow this to happen. It's the trials in our lives that make us stronger, not the good times. Through suffering, we appreciate our blessings.

Like many people, I enjoy science and discovering how things work. The more I learn, the more I see the hand of God in everything. Many people come to this same conclusion. Can we offer proof that God truly does exist? No. Can anyone offer proof that evolution involving one species becoming another is a fact? No.

I suggest we teach the kids what we know are the facts. Give them the fundamentals of science and the ability to reason. After a good foundation has been laid, then present to them different perspectives of how it all came to be. After they have heard both sides, let the kids make up their own minds as to where all of this came from.

If we tell the children what they are to believe, then we are simply indoctrinating them. I don't think any of us want that to happen.

Terri Exum, Martinez

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