Originally created 09/24/05

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

A RANT FOR THE COUNTY commissioners in Augusta. They want to build a drag strip and have money already allocated for the drag strip. What about employee pay raises? We haven't had one in four years. It's a shame they can't take care of their employees first.

FOR THE PARENTS WHO have children in schools: The schools do start too early down here and it's too hot. When we have children falling out on school grounds, it's too hot. Those parents should attend the meetings of the school board when they meet in groups and get a petition signed and fight this. Go down there and raise sand till you get it.

THIS IS A RAVE FOR the voters of Richmond County. Just about the time I thought I would give up, they voted in Ed Tarver to help be a leader from this area. Mr. Tarver is a fine, ethical, well-educated man who will represent this area in a fine, ethical manner. Again, a rave to the voters. They finally got a good person to represent our area.

RAVES FOR SEN. TARVER. Congratulations. I am so glad you were elected. Please represent all of Augusta and show no partiality. Stay straight. Stay clean and keep your hand out of any cookie jars. Be everything that Walker could not be.

TO THE PARENT driving the black Tahoe at River Ridge Elementary School: What part of "do not get out of your vehicle" do you have the most trouble understanding? If you want to get out, park in a parking space and cross the road. Don't get in the line where people are waiting for their children. No wonder your children cannot follow instructions when you cannot do so yourself.

PRESIDENT BUSH SHOULD have known when he turned against Israel in favor of the people from Palestine that the United States would suffer. It looks like it's doing a pretty good job of it. You cannot turn against the Jewish people. That is God's people and God's country.

THIS IS A RANT ABOUT Gov. Sonny Perdue. He's all worried about the two forts closing in Georgia. He needs to worry about paying his state employees, the Department of Corrections, more money. We got a 2 percent raise in the last two years and insurance went up 11 percent. He needs to worry more about his Department of Corrections employees.

FOR THE PERSON complaining about the mayor of New Orleans: If you are not from New Orleans, you do not know what an outstanding mayor he is. Don't try to blame all the fiasco on local authorities. Most of the blame falls on FEMA and the appointee and political hack that President Bush put in.


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