Originally created 09/24/05

Local garbage service is a dirty shame

When garbage service was confiscated from the private enterprise system, without a formal public vote, it removed the right of citizens to shop around for an affordable rate in accordance with their financial income. After the takeover, I don't believe anyone expected the collection cost would become an intricate part of the property tax bill, and thus the possibility of one losing his home, if the bill wasn't paid promptly.

Furthermore, of appropriate mention, since a portion of the property tax is allocated for operation of the county landfill, residents also had the right to transport and dispose of their own garbage for a minimal fee, if they desired.

The idea that every homeowner needs garbage pickup twice a week is nonsense. My wife and I purchased our Augusta home in 1968, and even when we had two children at home, we got by efficiently with once-a-week pickup. ...

I prefer giving homeowners the right to choose whether they want once- or twice-a-week garbage collection; those wanting twice weekly service could be billed more for the additional pickup. Either that, or return the garbage collection business back to the private enterprise system, and remove it from the property tax bill.

Douglas Neal Sr., Augusta

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