Originally created 09/24/05

Pledge comes under assault from ACLU

With the help of a renegade judge and an avowed atheist, the American Civil Liberties Union strikes again, this time in California trying to outlaw "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.

This hyperactive and robust body of attorneys has no allegiance to anything other than their own perverse socialistic and atheistic ideas. American ideals and values that are mostly based on Judeo-Christian values are all fair game for destruction, even though our country was founded on them.

They are as much a terrorist organization as al-Qaida, but they are allowed to operate within our borders and are further protected by the very laws the rest of us hold sacred. There is one thing the ACLU has in common with the rest of us; they get paid, or accept donations, for their insidious work in U.S. dollars.

On the backs of all American currency there is a phrase: "In God we trust." Taking payment in this manner proves what hypocrites they really are. I hope I didn't give them any ideas!

Bob Groothand, Augusta


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