Originally created 09/23/05

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THIS IS A RANT TO people who steal off graves. My mother is buried at Hillcrest Memorial Park, and it's a shame my son can't even put an angel on his grandmother's grave. It stays for a short period; then it's gone. What kind of Christian are you?

I GOT A PROBLEM WITH DSS and DFCS. Why is it they always take people's children from people who haven't really done anything wrong? They always give the children back to the crackheads. They attend the classes. They give the baby back to them.

THIS IS A WAKE-UP CALL for the Columbia County Commission. We the people, who also happen to be the voters, do not want consolidation, nor do we wish to be saddled with paying for a sports arena. How 'bout it, fellas? Are you awake and listening? By the way, we are already educated.

I WAS READING IN the paper about the young couple that left the two little boys on the corner in Olde Town. A lot of people are not blessed to have kids. They want kids. These two have two babies. They ought to be put under the jail. Anything could have happened to them. Please, Augusta, if you don't want your kids, take them somewhere so someone can take them and love them. Don't mistreat our kids.

WE'RE LOSING TEACHERS because the principals won't back them up on discipline matters. That always go back to the parents for a lack of parental authority. When a teacher gets knocked down and kicked by little boys and girls, things are gone way too much. Judge Duncan Wheale is starting to do things about it. I praise him for his efforts. Thank you, judge.

MY CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Ed Tarver for winning Charles Walker's former seat. Let's hope he can bring black and white together and get things going here in Augusta. May God bless you, sir.

TO THE WRITER WHO called Bush inept and insensitive and others who blame Bush for everything: Well, excuse the expression, but you were all jerks and insensitive yourselves. Remember in the Bible when the people would not listen to God, he punished them. What do you think he's doing now? Let's blame ourselves and not President Bush.

THIS IS A RANT FOR the Columbia County and Richmond County police and sheriff's departments when they don't use their turn signals. Don't they know they're violating the law?

TO THE PERSON WHO sent the rant regarding funeral processions. It's hard to believe that someone is so insensitive and disrespectful that they would begrudge grieving families the opportunity to say a proper farewell.

UNLESS YOU ARE immortal, I'm sure I'll be blocking traffic at your procession, only it won't be out of respect but good riddance.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the rant about the funeral processions. Wait until it is one of your family members, then you will have a different attitude. Get a life!


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