Originally created 09/23/05

So where's the compassion?

I am very concerned about some of the things the paper is willing to print as advocates for President Bush. Let's take a moment to put a letter written by Charlie Connell to The Augusta Chronicle on Sept. 15 ("I give up - it's all president's fault") into perspective.

No one feels everything is the president's fault in the sense that he is a magical being who can start a hurricane or create a fuel shortage. I even feel it is silly to suggest that the people of New Orleans are just sitting on their hands. It is obvious to the world that if they are sitting on their hands, it's probably because their sofas are in the middle of the ocean somewhere.

I must admit that something the president is being blamed for is a raw deal, but to his credit he knew when to shut up and admit things had gone terribly wrong. The people of New Orleans shared the country's pain during 9-11, and the world's pain during the tsunami, but they can't find compassion right here at home. My hope is that most people from North Augusta do not share the same views as Mr. Connell. If I needed a glass of water or food to feed my children, I pray to God that Mr. Connell isn't responsible for making sure that I got it.

There must be something poisonous in the water in North Augusta for someone to feel this way. When people like Mr. Connell open their mouths at times like this, it is not so hard to imagine why so many people hate Americans.

Cleo A. Parker, Augusta


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