Originally created 09/22/05

Quietness appeals to Crofton residents

Situated off Pleasant Home Road, Crofton subdivision offers convenience that many people in west Augusta enjoy.

"The neighborhood is quiet," said Jennifer Vargo, a Crofton resident. "I have kids, and there's no through-traffic. That means my children can play and I don't have to worry about them getting run over."

Mrs. Vargo, a mother of four, says that Crofton is convenient to many shops and restaurants.

"The neighborhood is five minutes away from everything, and having kids, you don't always have enough time to run 25 minutes away to get something," she said.

Nona Zimmerman has lived in Crofton for three weeks and already has reaped benefits of the quiet neighborhood. Mrs. Zimmerman moved from downtown Augusta.

"I like the quietness and no trains," she said. "We have a little dog, and it was difficult to let her out when we were downtown. The street was right there, so we had to use a leash and would have to go out with her. We now have a fenced-in yard and we can just let her out."

Both Mrs. Zimmerman and Mrs. Vargo say the neighborhood's friendly atmosphere also is an asset.

"Even though I don't know everyone's names, I haven't met an unfriendly person yet," Mrs. Vargo said. "In some neighborhoods, you'll have neighbors that just don't seem very friendly or caring. Everyone will stop and talk in the middle of their walk."

Crofton is diverse in the ages of its residents.

"We bought the house from a young couple who had children, the oldest one being 2," Mrs. Zimmerman said. "We also have an 83-year-old who walks around the neighborhood. There also are several school-age children living down the street."

Residents are meticulous about their yard maintenance, Mrs. Vargo said.

One drawback Mrs. Vargo notices is rush-hour traffic on Pleasant Home Road that can make it difficult to maneuver in and out of the neighborhood.

"Getting out of the neighborhood at certain times can be tough, usually between 4 and 6:30 p.m. on weekdays and sometimes on Saturdays," she said.

Mrs. Zimmerman said she is pleased with the neighborhood.

"We like to go out and see the lightning bugs," she said. It reminds her of when her children used to catch them in jars. "We just enjoy the quiet."

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