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NFL power rankings


Every week of the season, The Augusta Chronicle's Ray Beasock will rank the pro teams.

1. New England: Looked like the same efficient team Thursday.

2. Philadelphia: T.O. will get the ball, no matter how hard he tries to mess things up for the team.

3. Atlanta: If Vick stays healthy and improves as a passer, they'll be very dangerous again.

4. Indianapolis: Corey Simon helps the defense, but Peyton gives them a bigger edge.

5. Pittsburgh: Will Big Ben hit the sophomore jinx? Will the running game stay healthy?

6. Carolina: Their defense should be No. 1, and Stephen Davis' return is almost complete.

7. Minnesota: Daunte Culpepper will still put up big numbers.

8. Baltimore: Defense will keep the Ravens near the top.

9. San Diego: 12 wins will be tough in a division with some of the most potent offenses.

10. Kansas City: Derrick Johnson's arrival on defense is big, but he can only do so much.

11. Jacksonville: Could be the big mover this year, especially if Fred Taylor can stay healthy.

12. Arizona: Quarterback Kurt Warner has big-game ability.

13. Denver: Can Jake Plummer finally shake his inconsistency?

14. Oakland: Getting Randy Moss and LaMont Jordan should elevate Kerry Collins' game.

15. New York Jets: Chad Pen- nington's shoulder is a concern.

16. Buffalo: The defense is great, but J.P. Losman needs to be worth the investment.

17. St. Louis: The offense keeps you awake and the defense makes you want to go to sleep.

18. New Orleans: Hurricane Katrina's effects could motivate or hinder them greatly.

19. Seattle: Matt Hasselbeck and the receivers are inconsistent.

20. Cincinnati: Carson Palmer and the defense keep improving.

21. Dallas: Revamped defense could produce a lot of pressure.

22. Green Bay: Offense remains lethal, but the Packers have to hope losing starters on the offensive line won't slow them.

23. Detroit: It's now or never for Joey Harrington.

24. Tampa Bay: Finally have a 25-carry-per-game back, and the defense is always at the top.

25. Houston: The Texans can make a big jump, but will they?

26. Chicago: Can Kyle Orton transfer his college success to the pro level?

27. Washington: The quarterback situation is the biggest thing holding it back.

28. Tennessee: Steve McNair can't stay healthy, and neither can the running backs.

29. New York: Tiki Barber is one of the NFL's best backs, but he can't get the ball the entire game.

30. Miami: Nick Saban's next step is to find a quarterback.

31. Cleveland: Romeo Crennel will have defense ready, but they might not be able to perform.

32. San Francisco: It can't get much worse by the Bay.


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