Originally created 09/11/05

A look at the refugee situation around the country

An estimated 374,000 Hurricane Katrina refugees are in shelters, hotels, homes and other housing in 34 states and Washington, D.C., according to the Red Cross and state officials:

TEXAS: An estimated 200,000 in shelters and homes

LOUISIANA: 58,187 in 306 shelters, plus 428 in special needs shelters

ARKANSAS: About 50,000 in shelters, motels and homes


MISSISSIPPI: 13,145 in 92 Red Cross shelters

MISSOURI: Nearly 6,100 in homes, hotels and church camps as of Friday; no update available until Monday

FLORIDA: 1,559 in 15 Red Cross shelters; 451 in five state shelters

ALABAMA: 2,041 in shelters. As of Friday 660 in hotels; 116 in state parks; more in homes.

KENTUCKY: 116 at Murray camp in western Kentucky; estimated 3,100 statewide

OKLAHOMA: About 2,300 in four shelters

INDIANA: At least 70 in one shelter; statewide 2,500

ILLINOIS: More than 2,300



NORTH CAROLINA: About 450 in shelters and at least 1,381 in other housing as of Friday; no update available Saturday

GEORGIA: 1,378 in 11 Red Cross shelters

OHIO: 20 in two Red Cross shelters; at least 1,894 in hotels or with family and friends.

MINNESOTA: About 1,000, most staying with relatives or friends


SOUTH CAROLINA: 230 in one shelter; 1,228 in hotels

CALIFORNIA: 807 families in hotels and one Red Cross shelter

KANSAS: About 800, most in hotels and homes

NEBRASKA: Estimated 600, most with family, friends or responding to college offers.

MICHIGAN: 274 at Fort Custer Training Center; Red Cross assisting 300 families


NEW JERSEY: About 400 in motels or with relatives

UTAH: 293 at Utah Army National Guard's Camp Williams

ARIZONA: 273 in two shelters

WEST VIRGINIA: 317 at National Guard Camp Dawson

NEW YORK: 448 in Red Cross Shelters

MASSACHUSETTS: 209 at Camp Edwards, plus more than 40 families

PENNSYLVANIA: At least 200 in homes, shelters and other locations

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: About 200 at a Red Cross shelter

WISCONSIN: About 200 in one Red Cross shelter

RHODE ISLAND: 106 in Navy housing; 75 in hotels and homes


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