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Entertainment events and activities for this week include:


DAWG DAYS AT CUDOS: The first annual Dawg Days at Cudos will be held from noon to 6 p.m. at Cudos, 1257 Augusta West Parkway. There will be a showcase of championship rings from Super Bowls, the World Series and the 2002 University of Georgia Bulldogs SEC Championship. Members of the UGA cheerleading squad; Hairy Dawg; and Hershel, Uga IV's nephew, will attend. Photos cost $5 each, and food and beverage tickets cost $1 each. Proceeds benefit Child Enrichment. For more information, call 737-8383.

GREENJACKETS BASEBALL: The Augusta GreenJackets will play the Charleston Riverdogs at 2:15 p.m. today and 7:15 p.m. Monday at Lake Olmstead Stadium, on Milledge Road. Tickets cost $10 for box seats; $7 for reserved seats; $6 for general admission; $5 for seniors, military and children ages 4-12; and $1 for children 3 and younger. For more information, call 278-4TIX.


AUDITIONS: The Actors Center will hold auditions Monday through Wednesday at The Actors Center, 106 Pleasant Home Road. The group is looking for actors for a talent convention. To make an appointment, call 434-8162.

Today in regional history:

AUG. 21, 1968

Opponents and proponents of gun control legislation get atop their soap boxes when they talk about the subject.

Chief among the opponents are the one-million-member National Rifle Association, as well as gun dealers, collectors and sportsmen.

On the other side of the fence are the 18-month-old National Council for a Responsible Firearm Policy and some senators and legislators who report heavy mail in favor of legislation.

Locally, things are much the same; Augusta has pros and cons as well. ...

Richmond County Superior Court Judge William M. Fleming Jr. said: "I don't think it (legislation) will reduce crime rates, and it would probably carry some licensing cost with it, which would eventually turn into a revenue-producing measure more than anything else. The only way to deter crime is to quit protecting the criminals. ... Recent state and federal court decisions have made arrests and convictions difficult."

Develop good study habits

Although the school year is young, why not try to get into a homework groove that will help your young scholars get their work done with a minimum of hair-pulling for you?

- Create an environment that is conducive to doing homework. Children and teens need a permanent work space in their bedroom or another part of the home that offers privacy.

- Allow plenty of time for homework.

- Establish a household rule that the TV, cell phone, MP3 player and all other distractions stay off during homework time.

- Be available to answer questions and offer help, but don't do the work.

- To help alleviate eye and brain fatigue while studying, make sure your child takes a 10-minute break every hour.

- If your child is really struggling with a particular subject and you can't help, consider hiring a tutor.

Source: American Pediatric Association


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