Originally created 08/21/05

Rants and raves

Comments from readers:

THE CSRA NEEDS TO picket at several gas stations to protest and boycott gouging high gas prices. It can start here and grow nationwide. We need action now! I will help, will you?

THIS IS A RANT AGAINST the gasoline refineries claiming that the reason gasoline prices are at an all-time high is that they don't have enough capacity to produce enough to meet the demand. This cannot even be called a fairy tale. You do not see locally or nationally where gasoline stations have closed, with signs in them claiming they are out of gas.

I would like to rant about the three phone calls I received from Richmond County prison the other night. ... An operator comes on and asks if you'll receive the call, but you can't talk to her, and you can't half hear the name they're saying. And it scares you because you don't know if it's your grown kids and something has happened to them, even though none of them have been in trouble. But it's kind of frightening just being called.

I AM A SENIOR CITIZEN. I put out my garbage once a week and have to pay for having it picked up twice a week. To the commissioner who said on TV last night that it was hard to give someone something and then take it back, they don't give me anything. I'd rather pay for once-a-week pickup. And if The Augusta Chronicle would leave out some of the junk advertisements in the paper, I wouldn't have as much as I have now to throw out.

THIS IS A RANT OF THAT liberal Cindy Sheehan. The only thing she's doing that for is for publicity. Look at all the other mothers who have lost sons and loved ones over there. You don't see them out protesting like she's doing. She's just drawing attention (to) herself, and going to show how stupid and ignorant she is.

THIS IS A RANT TO JOE SCOTT and Jimmy Atkins. What a big disservice we've done to our children making those two board members. Mr. Atkins and Mr. Scott have turned the board meetings, which we can all view on Comcast, into a clown show. It's obvious to all that the two of you have a problem with Dr. Larke.


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