Originally created 08/21/05

Don't destroy dam

Judy Gordon ("Bluff dam should be demolished," Aug. 19) writes that she "and other concerned citizens and biologists" are in favor of demolishing the New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam.

This action, disastrously previewed in 2000 and accompanied by millions of dollars in damage, would reduce the mighty Savannah River to a trickle and make Augusta the laughingstock of the country. Why would any city commit ecological and developmental suicide by ruining its most attractive feature?

I would suggest that Ms. Gordon and her friends in the biological world spend their time working to remove the abandoned bridge pilings in the middle of the river, supporting strict enforcement of littering laws (some people seem to get a thrill from throwing their trash into the water), and finding new and creative ways of helping Augustans enjoy the blessing of their river. Taking out the Lock and Dam and turning the river into a stream could only be cheered by those who have lost their senses.

A bit more intelligence and a lot less biology seems to be called for in this case.

Keith Shafer, Augusta

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